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Get Ahead of the Market

Our comprehensive pre-listing home inspection helps sellers identify potential issues before putting their property on the market. Our skilled inspectors thoroughly assess the property, examining its structure, systems, and components. This service allows sellers to address any concerns and make necessary repairs, boosting buyer confidence and potentially increasing the property’s value.

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Seal the Deal With Confidence

Our pre-closing home inspection is designed to protect buyers by providing a detailed assessment of the property’s condition before the final purchase. Our experienced inspectors meticulously inspect the home, highlighting any defects or safety concerns. This inspection empowers buyers to make informed decisions and negotiate repairs or adjustments with the seller, ensuring a smooth and secure closing process.

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Stay Safe and Enjoy the Outdoors

Our professional deck inspection service focuses on evaluating the safety, structural integrity, and overall condition of your deck. Our inspectors assess the deck’s materials, connections, supports, and any potential hazards. By identifying and addressing issues early on, we help ensure the longevity and safety of your deck, allowing you to enjoy outdoor living with peace of mind.

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Dive into Summer Fun

Our thorough pool inspection service provides a comprehensive assessment of your pool’s condition, equipment, and safety features. Our knowledgeable inspectors evaluate the pool’s structure, plumbing, electrical systems, and equipment functionality. We identify any existing or potential issues, such as leaks, faulty wiring, or inadequate safety measures, helping you maintain a safe and enjoyable swimming experience.

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Keep Your Landscape Thriving

Our sprinkler system inspection ensures the proper functioning and efficiency of your irrigation system. Our expert inspectors evaluate the system’s components, including pipes, valves, sprinkler heads, and controllers. We check for leaks, blockages, and misaligned or malfunctioning parts, ensuring optimal water distribution and minimizing water waste. By identifying and resolving issues, we help you maintain a healthy and vibrant landscape while conserving water resources.

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Make Informed Decisions

Protect Your Home With Professional Home Inspection Services in Pearland, TX & Surrounding Areas

Get a detailed report to assess the condition of your home’s vital components!

At AP Home Inspections, PLLC, we understand the importance of ensuring the safety and security of your home for you and your loved ones. That’s why we offer comprehensive and professional home inspection services tailored specifically to homeowners in Pearland, TX, and surrounding areas.

A home inspection is not just a formality; it is a crucial step toward safeguarding your most significant investment. Our team of highly skilled and experienced inspectors will meticulously evaluate every aspect of your home, from the foundation to the roof and everything in between. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to uncover any hidden issues or potential hazards that could compromise your family’s well-being. With our detailed inspection reports in hand, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions regarding your property. Whether you’re planning to sell your home, considering renovations, or simply want peace of mind, our home inspection services provide the clarity and transparency you need.

As a locally trusted company, we take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional service and exceeding our clients’ expectations. When it comes to home inspections, we’re a team you can trust. Contact us today to schedule your comprehensive home inspection and take the first step toward ensuring the safety and security of your home.

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